Why Kaappaan has one of the most iconic interval blocks in the history of Tamil Cinema

Let us see through pictures what actually happened behind the scenes during the interval scene of Kaappaan, making it one of the finest intermission blocks in the history of Tamil Cinema.

Mohanlal – ” Man, what crap script is this , why did I place my head on this. This guy behind me is so serious as if this is once in a lifetime script. How do I escape from this ?
Mohanlal – ” Let me try running away from the sets. Why are these guys behind me. Now my only option is to act dead and kill off this character”
Surya – ” Oh Mohanlalji, wake up. Don’t leave me alone in this movie. I was just acting as if I enjoyed this script. Please don’t leave me alone”
Mohanlal – ” Go away man, I am going to Kerala. My character is dead”
Surya – ” Oh Mohanlalji. I have to now act with the likes of Arya, Sayesha and that villain who doesn’t have an iota of expression on his face. Why did you do this to me”
Mohanlal – ” Haha. Enjoy. Bye”


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