Rajkummar Rao won National Award for Shahid
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Shahid Hindi Movie Short Review

Rajkummar Rao won National Award for Shahid

“In a career spanning 7 years, Shahid had 17 acquittals- An unusually high acquittal rate for a system that is often blamed for its inability to deliver timely justice”

I have always loved watching movies that are based on real life stories. They inspire you , they let you emotionally connect with some of our real life heroes and what unfold in front of you – You need not have any doubts on whether they can happen in real life ! Shahid ,based on the life of lawyer and human rights activist, Shahid Azmi,is not your usual Bollywood movie. It is starkly real, brave and takes its time to unravel things on screen. Yet it is the best movie I have seen from Bollywood in 2013. It has powerful moments that can hold you spellbound , a haunting background score and terrific performances from the entire cast especially its lead actor.

To carry a movie on your shoulders is one thing. To come out doing so in such flying colors and create such a huge impact that the character stays with you for long is a fabulous feat and RAJKUMMAR RAO’s heartfelt portrayal of Shahid is the one of the most brilliant performances I have seen from Bollywood in recent years. Whether its showing his vulnerable self in the movie’s poignant moments or being the tough unwavering lawyer in the courtroom scenes- He is equally brilliant doing it all.

This young man doesn’t have the starry airs of a normal Bollywood hero and he gives you that feeling you are watching a normal common man .Rajukummar Rao’s earnest performance helps a lot in making your hearts go out to Shahid Azmi who was willing to put his life on the line to win justice for the people who deserved it. I cant wait to see this young actor in his next major project.

Shahid is the kind of movie that would be snubbed at big award functions like FilmFare, Stardust etc but don’t let it deceive you. This gem of a movie is a must watch.