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Thuppakki and its frames – Why it is a classic in Action Thriller genre

8 years before on this day, Nov 13th, I watched Thuppakki on its first day. Since then I have not seen a better superstar mass action entertainer movie in any language in India. Thuppakki was a classic in action thriller genre. A look through some of its great frames on its 8th anniversary and what […]

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OK Kanmani Review – Mani Ratnam’s finest work in years !

Mani Ratnam respects and believes a great deal in the institution of “Marriage”. In 1986’s Mounaragam, to the girls who were forced into wedlocks which they don’t approve of, he told that it could mark the beginning of a new love story.  In 2000’s Alaiypayuthe, to the lovers who flee from their houses , marry and […]

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Why Yennai Arindhaal is a Fitting Ending to a Great Cop Trilogy

“In few seconds I would have been responsible for another death. For a change, I thought I would be responsible for a life” says the hero in Yennai Arindhaal as he first meets the heroine proving Gautham Menon still has new tricks up his sleeve when it comes to portraying romance .”98% of the policemen […]

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Vijay – A.R Murugadoss : Rise Of A Lethal Director-Actor Combination

“Aayiram pere azhikununna ninakkara avanungale uyir kodukka ready ayirikka, kappathanamnu ninakkara naammalum uyir kodukka thayyar akanameda( If they who want to kill thousands of people are ready to sacrifice their lives , why cant we sacrifice our lives too to protect others)” I was so impressed while leaving theaters after watching Kaththi yesterday that my […]