BR Shetty , KRK and Mohanlal in Randamoozham controversies

When B R Shetty heard about KRK’s tweet on Mohanlal

Breaking News- B R Shetty who had come to know about KRK’s tweet has been happy to know that some celebrity is eager and enthusiastic about the money he is spending for Randamoozham. He has decided to meet with V A Sreekumar and M.T and was even contemplating to drop Mohanlal and instead cast KRK […]

Kaadu Pookkunna Neram and Manhole which won Kerala State Awards in 2016

National and State Awards -Why we want small unknown movies to win ?

Let us look at the conversation between two cinema lovers to understand our attitude towards National and State Awards. “Baahubali 2‘s Trailer is brilliant. Looking forward to April 28th for its release” “Hey, Bahubali itself was an overrated movie. That movie winning the National award for best film in 2016 was the biggest joke that […]

Suriya in Singham 3

Singham 3 is Educational, helps increase Mental Toughness

Happened to watch Singham 3 today. The movie is beneficial in many ways in that it helps increase your mental endurance and is also highly educational. Director Hari makes sure each and every viewer has some tip or information to take away. Let’s start with a 10 minute sequence in Singham 3 where a character […]


Mammotty’s White – An Attempt to dissect what it was all about !

I think White would find a place among the most underrated romances in Malayalam Cinema. Many viewers couldn’t completely comprehend the different genres and subtexts that were hidden inside this movie which was the reason why it went unnoticed during its release. A first of its kind of experience in Malayalam, the movie was a […]


Style – A Late Review for a Cult Movie

Yesterday a couple of friends informed me that Malayalam movie Style’s DVD has released and I decided to give it a shot. The movie started with director-actor Lal’s narration. Its so difficult to understand what this man says even with his lip movement when he acts that one wonders why someone would give him the […]