KGF Chapter 2 review – Prashanth Neel’s Goosebumps Evoking Making in Abundant Display

**Spoilers Ahead** How Prashanth Neel stages the build up to a mass elevation scene is amazing. In KGF Chapter 2, before the epic police station scene, you are introduced to a guy who arrived at the KGF to do a sales pitch of guns to Rocky . In the police station, you see a kid […]

Frames in Movies

The art of evoking goosebumps- Inside KGF’s two brillliant moments

Most times what distinguish between a good movie and a great movie are one or two moments that stay with you for very long even after the movie ended. KGF’s first such sequence comes at 47th minute. The film has shown Rocky(Yash) as a rogue and rough character until then. As Rocky arrives in Mumbai […]


Bheeshma Parvam – Mammootty’s fine return to form in Big Commercial Entertainer Genre

* Spoilers ahead* When Amal Neerad made Big B in 2007, it did not make much waves in Box Office. That was an era when lot of film-makers excelled in big commercial entertainer Cinema. Anwar Rasheed had Rajamanikyam and Chotta Mumbai. Joshiy still was in fine touch giving us Naran and Twenty20. Hariharan showed he […]


Minnal Murali Review – Basil Joseph brings Big Entertaining Cinema back to Malayalam after a while

**Spoilers Ahead** “When a lightning strikes a person, thousand joules of energy enters the human body. An average human body cannot contain that much energy. Thats why humans die when lightning strikes them” “Teacher – What happens if they dont die?” As Josemon , Jaison’s nephew ( enacted by a child actor who is one […]


Marakkar- Arabikadalinte Simham is underwhelming

After finishing Marakkar- Arabikadalinte Simham, only two things that stayed with me are the works of Pranav Mohanlal and Arjun. Pranav Mohanlal gets the best 45 min sequence in the movie and even a rousing intro and closure – also the only rare instances in the film where the BGM generates some excitement . Pranav […]


I am from Kerala, Why I feel Telugu is the best movie industry in India today

I am from Kerala . But its not Malayalam Cinema, I feel Telugu is the best movie making industry in India today. More than the number of quality movies, its the “range” that is amazing – It can go from the mighty big scale Bahubali series to the small and beautiful Care of Kancharapalem. A […]


Why New Delhi is my favorite Malayalam Action Movie ever !

New Delhi is a Malayalam film released 34 years back and that fact still amazes me. The production quality where the movie is shot in different locations on big canvas is breathtaking. The film consists of such a big cast with terrific performances from each and every actor. Joshi’s making and Shyam’s music all adds […]


Minnaram – Another Priyadarshan-KV Anand Visual treat that we don’t talk much about

There has not been another director in Malayalam Cinema who visualized his movies as brilliantly as Priyadarshan. In 1994, he found a great accomplice in the extremely skilled Cinematographer K V Anand as they teamed up first time for the visual magic that was Thenmavin Kombath. The movie’s exquisite frames that are still discussed today, […]