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Chekka Chivantha Vaanam Tamil Movie Review

First things first. Chekka Chivantha Vaanam has a really entertaining first half. Mani Ratnam gives stylish introduction to his characters and plays to the gallery. There is more comedy than you expect for a Mani Ratnam movie with both Vijay Sethupathi and Simbu having a lot of hilarious one-liners. The scene where the mother looks […]

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OK Kanmani Review – Mani Ratnam’s finest work in years !

Mani Ratnam respects and believes a great deal in the institution of “Marriage”. In 1986’s Mounaragam, to the girls who were forced into wedlocks which they don’t approve of, he told that it could mark the beginning of a new love story.  In 2000’s Alaiypayuthe, to the lovers who flee from their houses , marry and […]

All Time Favorites

All Time Favorites- NAYAGAN

In 2005, when TIMES magazine compiled a list of 100 all time best movies , it included 3 movies from India. Two of them were made prior to 1960 by legends – Guru Dutt and Satyajit Ray. Third was a Tamil movie released in 1987 – Nayagan. A lot of Indian movies had been inspired […]

All Time Favorites

All Time Favorites – MOUNA RAGAM

Not all great love stories happen before marriage. Some of them start afterwards too. Not all love stories have to be candyfloss . They could be mature and deal with emotions in relationships in a more realistic manner. There are few movies that illustrates this better than Mani Ratnam’s Mouna Ragam. Mouna Ragam told the story […]