Thilakan as Ananthan Nambiar
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Is Ananthan Nambiar Malayalam Cinema’s Most Hilarious Character ever ?

Nadodikattu is one movie that created several iconic characters. In Daasan and Vijayan, we have perhaps the most popular on-screen duo in Malayalam Cinema. Even Characters like Gafoorka and Pavanaayi who had only limited time on the screen were talked about lot for years. But my most favorite character in this classic, one whom I […]

All Time Favorites

Ustad Hotel – A gem that keeps shining brighter

There is this beautiful sequence in Ustad Hotel. While returning from the bank, Kareemka asks Faizi-‘Marubhumiyile Mazha kandittundo Faizi mon’. They continue their conversation next on the sea shore where they talk about fate . Kareemka says ‘Kisamth ennonnu undu Faizi. Athine¬†arkum¬†thadukkaaan pattilla’. Faizi then tastes the Sulaimani and asks what is special in it. […]


THILAKAN- Remembering the ‘Perumthachan’ of Malayalam Cinema

Ask any Malayalam movie lover to pick out their top five actors in Malayalam , very rare are the chances that you find a list without Thilakan in it. That itself speaks a lot about the actor’s greatness than anything else. Thilakan was an integral part of Malayalam Cinema ever since his debut in 1972 […]