Thilakan as Ananthan Nambiar
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Is Ananthan Nambiar Malayalam Cinema’s Most Hilarious Character ever ?

Thilakan as Ananthan Nambiar

Nadodikattu is one movie that created several iconic characters. In Daasan and Vijayan, we have perhaps the most popular on-screen duo in Malayalam Cinema. Even Characters like Gafoorka and Pavanaayi who had only limited time on the screen were talked about lot for years. But my most favorite character in this classic, one whom I grew fond of overthe years and one who never cease to amaze me is Thilakan’s Ananthan Nambiar. As the uproarious mobster who is scared of getting caught every minute, Thilakan is a riot !

Whether its the hilarious tone in which he says – ‘Oh My God’ or ‘CID Escape’ or the deadpan expression on his face when he says ‘Angane Pavanaaayi Shavamaayi’ or his witty responses to Kunjiraman who brings him tea at the most inappropriate times – his each gesture, his each expression and each dialogue he delivers in the movie is just pure class and an absolute treat to watch . Finally the manner in which he trembles out of fear as someone knocks on his door or closes it – you just cant help but laugh out loud no matter how many times you have watched it already !

If some of you felt the third installment of the series -‘ Akkare Akkare Akkare’ did not quite match up to the first two , then its perhaps because this great actor and his legendary ‘Ananthan Nambiar’ was missing from it. There is no doubt that such wonderful characters and memorable performances would keep reminding us on how much we miss Thilakan today !