Tovino Thomas – The Rise of a very dependable Action Hero

Thallumaala was great fun. Its USP is a very quirky editing style where the timelines keep shifting in the first half without giving viewers time to settle and then a very satisfying second half where all timelines are joint brilliantly. The sequence in the second half where the tension keeps brewing between Tovino’s friends gang […]


Minnal Murali Review – Basil Joseph brings Big Entertaining Cinema back to Malayalam after a while

**Spoilers Ahead** “When a lightning strikes a person, thousand joules of energy enters the human body. An average human body cannot contain that much energy. Thats why humans die when lightning strikes them” “Teacher – What happens if they dont die?” As Josemon , Jaison’s nephew ( enacted by a child actor who is one […]

Tovino Thomas in Guppy

Tovino Thomas’s Meteoric Rise

Last August I had to sit in a theater with only 8-10 ppl while watching Guppy. I remember how I was particularly impressed with a scene towards the end . Tovino Thomas sits on a bench with Sreenivasan, has a very calm conversation and says – “Ithonnum ee paalam paniyaan vanna enikku ariyillallo ikka”. There […]


Style – A Late Review for a Cult Movie

Yesterday a couple of friends informed me that Malayalam movie Style’s DVD has released and I decided to give it a shot. The movie started with director-actor Lal’s narration. Its so difficult to understand what this man says even with his lip movement when he acts that one wonders why someone would give him the […]