Style – A Late Review for a Cult Movie

Tovino Thomas and Unni Mukundan in Style

Yesterday a couple of friends informed me that Malayalam movie Style’s DVD has released and I decided to give it a shot. The movie started with director-actor Lal’s narration. Its so difficult to understand what this man says even with his lip movement when he acts that one wonders why someone would give him the duty of narrating a movie.

Fortunately it did not last more than a couple of minutes and Unni Mukundan is straightly introduced.Now there are two ways how someone could effectively use this actor in movies. First – Put his photo in a frame and hang somewhere like Oru Vadakkan Selfie did . Second – Put his photo in a frame and hang somewhere like Oru Vadakkan Selfie did. The next 2.5 hours of Style is a testimonial to the fact there is no other third way.

Coming back to Style, it is raining as Unni Mukundan while sitting in the bus notices our heroine parks her car at the signal, puts her head out and enjoys the rain. She also buys a couple of toys from a little girl who is selling those and gives her shawl to cover the girl’s head from rain. A heroine who loves rain and who is kind-hearted is like the epitome of a woman you find in movies.

So Unni Mukundan does not waste another second to confirm it is love at first sight. From there for the next one and half hours, the hero follows and meets the heroine at different places like shopping mall, lift , shop, road, school, canteen , church etc etc. All this while, absolutely nothing happens in the movie so much that at one point heroine tells hero- “Nice shirt” to which hero replies – “Nice churidar”

After one and half hours to the movie, the director perhaps thought it needs to have a story. So now we have a villain in the form of Tovino. The heroine while driving her car accidentally slightly brushes Tovino’s car from behind on road. Tovino considers his car very precious for reasons unknown (or because Lal narrated the first 2 minutes). He comes out and hits the heroine.

Now Unni Mukundan chases Tovino and beats him and his men. Tovino decides to take revenge , sends his men to find Unni Mukundan and heroine . As much as silly all this is , one has to admit it is novel. I haven’t seen or heard a story like this before !

Now there is a problem as there is still 1 hour left to the end of the movie. So Tovino’s men go and look for Unni Mukundan in all the wrong places so as to waste some time. Unni Mukundan meanwhile continues to meet the heroine in different places than first half like his house , her house , park etc. Finally when Tovino gets the heroine kidnapped, Unni Mukundan comes and beats Tovino up again and walks away with heroine .

For Unni Mukundan , all this was as simple as if Tovino could have just given him a missed call and not gone through the trouble of kidnapping the heroine. Style finally ends as I next started thinking what my friends would have had against me for suggesting this movie.