Mammootty through Years

I have to admit I have become a bigger fan of Mammootty in recent years than I used to be before. What amazes me is his phenomenal consistency as a performer across all these 38+ years and an undying determination to remain relevant, keep improvising. How Mammootty has found ways to remain consistent over years- […]


Ayyappanum Koshiyum Movie Review

* Mild spoilers ahead* “Self respect is kind of a poison. Once it gets to your head, you are done.” Sachy takes the line from the climax of his previous movie ‘Driving License’ and expands it to yet another wonderful screenplay in Ayyappanum Koshyum. It’s the same template of two male leads caught in an […]


Anjaam Pathiraa Movie Review

It should be difficult to make a good investigative thriller. Each time the protagonist gets into a situation that leads him to a major breakthrough, you are like – ” okay, I have seen this before”. In Anjaam Pathiraa, writer-director Midhun Manuel Thomas does pick up a familiar template for this genre that you have […]


If the Malayalam Movie Mikhael had the Gautam Menon trademark voice-over..

Gautam Menon’s much delayed project-Enai Nokki Paayum Thota has released finally and there is a debate going on if the excessive voice-over of the lead character has been a hindrance to the overall movie experience or not. Voice over has been always a trademark in Gautam Menon movies. If there is one Malayalam movie I […]