Marakkar- Arabikadalinte Simham is underwhelming

After finishing Marakkar- Arabikadalinte Simham, only two things that stayed with me are the works of Pranav Mohanlal and Arjun. Pranav Mohanlal gets the best 45 min sequence in the movie and even a rousing intro and closure – also the only rare instances in the film where the BGM generates some excitement . Pranav […]


I am from Kerala, Why I feel Telugu is the best movie industry in India today

I am from Kerala . But its not Malayalam Cinema, I feel Telugu is the best movie making industry in India today. More than the number of quality movies, its the “range” that is amazing – It can go from the mighty big scale Bahubali series to the small and beautiful Care of Kancharapalem. A […]


Why New Delhi is my favorite Malayalam Action Movie ever !

New Delhi is a Malayalam film released 34 years back and that fact still amazes me. The production quality where the movie is shot in different locations on big canvas is breathtaking. The film consists of such a big cast with terrific performances from each and every actor. Joshi’s making and Shyam’s music all adds […]


Minnaram – Another Priyadarshan-KV Anand Visual treat that we don’t talk much about

There has not been another director in Malayalam Cinema who visualized his movies as brilliantly as Priyadarshan. In 1994, he found a great accomplice in the extremely skilled Cinematographer K V Anand as they teamed up first time for the visual magic that was Thenmavin Kombath. The movie’s exquisite frames that are still discussed today, […]


Thanks Vivek for all the great laughs…

There is this one scene of Vivek -” Eppadi iruntha Naan ippadi aayitten” that I search for and watch often. Its a movie set and the director wants him to deliver the line in a particular way .The way he repeats the lines in different tones is hilarious. I honestly keep forgetting the movie name. […]


How do you write, execute and act in a mass transformation scene – The Salaam Kashmier example

Making a transformation scene that leaves viewers in goosebumps in a commercial entertainer is not a mean task . Let’s take the example of Salaam Kashmier and see the six major factors which all in exact proportions should go behind making such a scene: Also Read – What really happened behind the scenes of Fahadh […]

Short Reviews

Joji movie review: Fahadh Faasil and Dileesh Pothan makes their third brilliant film together

**Mild Spoilers ahead ** In a scene from Joji, how Joji(Fahadh Faasil) and Bincy(Unnimaya Prasad) look at each other and walk away without mentioning anything is shown through mirrors. In another scene, Fahadh slowly goes into a room , he does what he intended to do and comes out slowly taking all the time in […]