Frames in Movies

The art of evoking goosebumps- Inside KGF’s two brillliant moments

Most times what distinguish between a good movie and a great movie are one or two moments that stay with you for very long even after the movie ended. KGF’s first such sequence comes at 47th minute. The film has shown Rocky(Yash) as a rogue and rough character until then. As Rocky arrives in Mumbai […]

Cinematography Frames in Movies

Devadoothan and Frames that were ahead of its times

One of Malayalam Cinema’s biggest mysteries would be how Devadoothan became a flop at box-office. I still remember how the movie managed to both scare and stun me when watching it first day in theaters 20 years back. Just look at these visuals! Thanks Amazon Prime for this remastered print ! Also Read : Mohanlal […]

Frames in Movies

The Raid 2 – Why this Indonesian flick is the epitome of all Action movies

Which is the greatest action movie in the history of Cinema ? Might be a tough question to answer. But the 2014 Indonesian movie, Raid 2 (which is also the sequel to Raid) could be a top contender. What makes this movie’s great action set pieces apart? Let’s take a look. ( Spoilers ahead) Follow […]