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C U Soon Movie Review

CU soon is very good. Though the similarity to Searching was expected, how the movie manages to move you deeply was something that took me by surprise. After some mediocre editing works in movies like Mikhael, Mahesh Narayanan gets back to great form in editing which is another factor that helps C U Soon enormously. How the mystery is revealed to you part by part is structured and paced so well.

You start expecting this quality in a performance by Fahadh Faasil in every movie now. After his terrific detective act here, I really wish to see him playing a police officer someday soon in an investigative thriller. Roshan Matthew is now steadily becoming a mainstay in Malayalam Cinema.

But this movie ultimately belongs to Darshana Rajendran who steps up to playing a lead character like she has been doing this for long. While she is brilliant in the second half of movie, her act in the closing scene is going to stay with you for long. Darshana Rajendran nammal vicharicha aalalla sir !!