Prithviraj Sukumaran – How you cannot predict what he’s upto next !

Prithviraj Sukumaran’s biggest asset is that you cannot predict what he’s upto next. He could switch between genres or surprise you handling any field of Cinema. He could be the director, the producer, the singer and the actor. Even as an actor, he could be the hero one day. He wouldn’t mind playing the villain or the second fiddle another day. He may have a series of failures. But just as you think you can write him off, he could bounce back entirely in a role you did not see him coming.

A look back through the years of a very fine career.

Prithviraj in Nandanam and Stop Violence
At age of 20, in his debut year, he may be raw and little unpolished. But nevertheless he shows range straight away, acting in a romance like Nandanam and action movie like Stop Violence
Prithviraj in Kana Kandein
At age of 23, Prithviraj nails the sauve and soft-spoken villain in Kana Kandein, an act that makes me a fan for the first time. Debuting in Tamil, the actor looked damn confident in each frame of the movie.
At age of 24, he becomes the youngest actor in Malayalam to win Kerala state award with Vasthavam. He looked so much at ease as SI Solomon in Vargam and became an integral part of the classic Classmates.
Prithviraj in Mozhi
At age of 25, he shows a completely different side as he is very convincing as the extremely likeable Karthik in Mozhi. His scenes with MS Bhaskar still melts you after all these years. He also gels well with the comedy gang in Chocolate in a role tailormade for him.
Prithviraj in Thalappavu
At age of 26, Prithviraj takes a step back from hero characters and gladly plays supporting roles in Thirakkadha and Thalappavu, two much raved movies.
Prithviraj in Puthiya Mukham
At age of 27, Prithviraj gets a major commercial action hit in Puthiya Mukham. It’s safe to say no other young actor in Malayalam does stunts as good as Prithviraj even today. His rendering for “Kaane kaane” song became a big chartbuster too
Prithviraj in Raavanan
At age of 28, Prithviraj returns to roles with grey shades as he is very effective as the police office in Mani Ratnam’s Ravanan
Prithviraj in Indian Rupee
At age of 29, Prithviraj overcomes criticims and flaks he had earned after the Brittas interview, returning in style with an endearing performance in India Rupee
At age of 30, Prithviraj wins his 2nd state award for a beautiful act as Ravi Tharakan in Ayalum Njanum Thammil. The actor’s ability to look both vulnerable and mature in young and old versions respectively stood out. He also plays the father of Malayalam Cinema, JC Daniel, this same year.
At age of 31, Prithviraj again surprises with his choice of roles as he plays a gay police officer who lost memory in the brilliant Mumbai Police. He is once again superb when he lives an alcoholic in each and every second of Memories. How could he not win another state award !
Prithviraj in Kaaviya Thalaivan
At age of 32, in both 7th day and Sapthamashree Thaskaraha he was the hero with a twist at the end. He also wins Tamil Nadu State award for best villain for Kaaviya Thalaivan ! With a tougher job to play a character who is an inferior actor on screen , he was terrific !
Prithviraj imitating Mohanlal in Amar Akbar Anthony
At age of 33, Prithviraj plays another true life hero in the successful Ennu Ninte Moideen. He returns to the light romance genre with Anarkali. But the biggest surprise was how fine was his comic timing in Amar Akbar Anthony. Why didn’t he try his hand at comedy again ?
Prithviraj in Koode
At age of 36, after a series of failures, Prithviraj bounces back with a strong emotional performance. As the man with a painful past and who lost his beloved sister, Prithviraj was superbly restrained.
Prithviraj made a grand debut as director in Lucifer
At age of 37, he produces 9 in a genre Malayalam has less traveled. He was at complete ease playing the superstar in Driving License. But what surprised me most is how he managed to get everything perfect in his directorial debut , Lucifer – from frames to the big canvas to casting to even getting Vineeth for dubbing Vivek Oberoi . This scene !
Prithviraj in Ayyappanum Koshiyum
At age of 38, Prithviraj teams for the last time with his close friend and the talented Sachi for the hugely memorable Ayyappanum Koshiyum. The actor is fine with Biju Menon becoming the hero, while he plays the more complex, layered, but less likeable Koshy to perfection !
At the age of 40, just as you thought Prithviraj could do a lot better than his recent outings like Cold Case and Bhramam, he makes a stunning comeback as a performer in Jana Gana Mana. The actor uses his precise dialogue delivery style and fine voice modulation to great use as this becomes arguably his finest performance since 2013’s Memories and Mumbai Police. Its a treat to see him keep both the judge and opposing lawyer on their toes as you even wonder why he has not been landed a full length lawyer role before !

Jana Gana Mana’s character Aravind Swaminathan in one way sums up Prithviraj the movie artist. Just like how Aravind keeps you guessing with what his motives are or where he is leading the viewers next in the courtroom in the second half of Jana Gana Mana , you just cannot predict what Prithviraj has in store for you next in his career.

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