Mohanlal announcing Randamoozham

Randamoozham – Apprehensions on the 1000 Crore Project

Mohanlal announcing Randamoozham

A while back Mohanlal made an announcement through Facebook Live on Randamoozham. Among other important updates, what has caught everyone’s attention is that an Abu Dhabi based Billionaire, B.R Shetty has agreed to invest 1000 crore rupees for Randamoozham project. This, if everything falls in place, would make it the most costliest movie ever in India. Here are my apprehensions on announcing such a huge project.

1) Randamoozham’s director- ad filmmaker VA Shrikumar hasn’t directed a movie before. This is huge. It is so surprising that they have handed such a huge project to a complete debutant. Why could with such a huge cost, an experienced director couldn’t be brought on-board who is familiar with such big scale projects

2) Only Aamir Khan, Salman Khan and SS Rajamouli movies had made more than 500 or 600 crore business in India. Which are people with either huge fanbase across the country or had created huge reputation with their past movies. Even if many other big names from other languages are added to the project, can Randamoozham (though they would release in 2 parts) make benefits with such a huge budget ?

3) There are people who went in for Pulimurugan ( 25 cr budget) and Bahubali (200 cr budget) and criticized where was its huge budgets actually spent, the VFX is poor etc etc. Why put before such people a 1000 crore project, raise the expectations so much and let it backfire ?

4) Mohanlal has to complete a lot of other projects including Odiyan, which is again touted to be a big project, before he starts off Randamoozham. We saw Mohanlal in great spirits doing the stunts in Pulimurugan at his age of 56. But can he remain fit and pull the same when he is older after 3-4 years from Pulimurugan ?

I definitely look forward to the movie but I think if there was a way to tell the story with a smaller budget, that should have been the way to go. Also can’t help but wish all these great projects had arrived at Mohanlal when he was in his 40s – a good portion of which went so much wasted.