Mohanlal’s terrific return to form as a performer in Drishyam 2

Mohanlal’s terrific return in #Drishyam2 and how the actor uses his eyes to his strength at a time when people are critical of the change in his eyes reminds me of his performance in Chandralekha in 90’s. It again came when people were critical of the change in his voice then, especially during movies like […]


Drishyam 2 review : Jeethu Joseph produces an Unbelievably Good Sequel !

** Minor spoilers ahead ** Its few hours since I completed watching Drishyam 2 . But I am still stunned. “What would be Georgekutty’s next move?”. The fact that the viewers failed to guess this in the 2013 movie Drishyam is what gave it the masterpiece status. 7 years later after having enough time to […]