Mohanlal’s terrific return to form as a performer in Drishyam 2

Mohanlal’s terrific return in #Drishyam2 and how the actor uses his eyes to his strength at a time when people are critical of the change in his eyes reminds me of his performance in Chandralekha in 90’s. It again came when people were critical of the change in his voice then, especially during movies like The Prince. Mohanlal perhaps had his first weak year in 1996 after 12 or more great years. Most doubted if the actor could regain his old charm in voice. The terrific job in Chandralekha in 1997 though put those apprehensions to rest. The biggest takeaway from Drishyam 2 is that you could now go into Mohanlal movies believing that his restrained method of acting is as intact as ever. (I have to admit I had my own doubts as well) A look back at some of the moments that still stays with you after few days.

Mohanlal was brilliant in Drishyam 2
First in the scene when Georgekutty gets angry with Rani on calling him home. But then he settles down and also consoles her. Look out for how he takes those short pauses between his words in his inimitable style !
Second when he looks at the CCTV visuals on his mobile and his face just changes so organically. He is surprised first, shocked and then scared. He also doesn’t forget to turn back and check if his family has seen the change in his reaction. This is my favorite acting moment in movie. This is the old classic Mohanlal
Then when the boy comes and tells him about the police station, the actor uses his much criticized eyes to signal him to go away from there and turn back slowly to his wife and kids.
During the interrogation scene, his body language reflects his state of mind. When he gets a slap from Geetha Prabhakar and turns to his family in embarassment, it took me straight to that similar scene from prequel
And now wait to see how the body language and eyes pick up intensity slowly in the following portions. You realize some things dont change!