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Why did Mohanlal look tensed in the sets of Drishyam 2

What did Mohanlal see in his mobile on the sets of Drishyam 2. Why did he look tensed. Read through pics.

While shooting on the sets of Drishyam 2, Mohanlal receives a message in his phone.
He looks extremely tensed seeing the message. He turns around and checks if anyone has seen his reaction.
Mohanlal gets ready and immediately rushes outside.
Meena – “Hey Laletta, what happened ? What did you see in your mobile ? Where are you rushing out to ?”
Mohanlal – ” Hey, its nothing. I will be out few days. Just tell Jeethu Joseph”
Few days pass and Meena seems to not have left the topic. Meena – ” Hey Laletta, just tell me what you saw on the mobile that day”
Mohanlal – ” Aaa rahasyam ennodu koodi bhoomiyil alinjillathaakum”
Meanwhile in the sets when Siddique and Murali Gopi met. Siddique – ” Murali – Hows the writing of Empuran going on. You guys did not give me a role in Lucifer. Give me a character in Empuran man. Nothing much. Just someone who has a flashback and would cry when he narrates it. My next movie with Jis Joy has such a fresh scene”
Murali Gopi – ” Iyalku ithu vare mathi ayille ?”
Meanwhile Murali Gopi gets a phone call and he looks scared too.
Siddique – ” Hey Murali – What happened ?”
Murali – ” That man, he has seen Prithviraj with his demand for Empuran. I fear it is the beginning of something”
Mohanlal and Meena in Drishyam 2
Few days passed. But Meena still hasn’t left it. Meena – ” Laletta, you have to tell me what you saw in the mobile. The suspense is killing me”
Mohanlal – ” Meena, I cannot tell much now. But one man may come to the sets any day from now. You have to handle him, instead of me”
Next day, Ansiba – ” Hey Lal Uncle. That man – He has come on the sets and he is asking for you”
Mohanlal in Drishyam 2
Mohanlal – ” Meena, Remember what I told you. Can you go out and handle him like I said”
Antony Perumbavoor in Drishyam 2
“Hey Meena , how are you. I had been trying to meet Lalettan for few days. I sent him some video clips of my some acting in various forms – Emotional, Comedy , Drama etc. I wanted to meet him and ask him to get a full fledged role with equal space as him in the next movie. I think I am ready for that finally after all these years. Look – I even came now in the uniform from the last video I acted”
Meena – ” Oh my God – So this is the video he saw. This is the reason why Lalettan looked tensed all these days”
Meanwhile Mohanlal had packed his bags and fled from there.
After Few Months: Mohanlal and Meena even had shifted to another City. But then they come across that same man again
He still hasnt even changed his costume from months back.

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