Kamal Haasan in Uttama Villain
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Uttama Villain Short Review

Kamal Haasan in Uttama Villain

In Uttama Villain , before wrapping up the shoot of their movie, Kamal Haasan keeps telling his director that he feels a scene he has done is not perfect and he want to re-shoot it though he has to leave to the hospital soon. That reminded me of an article I read on Mohanlal long back where he once visited a doctor complaining that his hands tremble at times and the doctor found that is because the actor is never content with what he does on screen no matter how good it is and relentlessly strives for perfection. Kamal Haasan “the writer” packages many such fine moments as he tells the story of an aging superstar , his great passion for Cinema and how his private life would look like.

The scenes from the movie inside the movie might seem over stretched but in an otherwise serious movie, it provides you a chance to watch Kamal at his hilarious best tickling your funny bones with his one-liners, gestures and expressions . Where as the scenes like his first meetings with Jayaram and Parvathy Menon, where he makes his secretary read the old letters or the moments with his son in the second half once again unleashes the actor’s inimitable expertise when it comes to histrionics.

Uttama Villain is for everyone who has grown up mesmerized by the magic this man has weaved on screen all these years.