Gopi Sunder's BGM for Romantic Scenes

When Gopi Sunder’s Music do the talking in romantic scenes

Gopi Sunder's BGM for Romantic Scenes

Let’s take a look at 6 romantic scenes from movies that Gopi Sunder has given background score to.

….. ” Before this, I have not seen her or talked with her . I don’t even know who she is. But I think I am in love”. When Anwar learns more about Ayesha and leaves from the orphanage saying this in his mind

…. When Das wakes up with a smile to the beautiful morning colors on the windows which his wife had painted and for which he scolded her previous night.

…. When Kanchana realizes finally that it is Moideen who had been sending her the letters and they exchange a smile on the bus.

…. When Faizy and Shahana had a hilarious ride , ran back to her house and finally he bid her bye after helping her climb the wall back into her house

…. When Kareemka starts narrating Faizi his love story and “Vaathilil aa vaathilil” song sprouts in the background

… When Kunjappan narrates his love story to Tessa and tells her how he is still in search of his love, Thresia.

They say a picture tells thousand words. But the music behind each of these shots or sequences actually told a lot more than those.

Gopi SunderĀ is criticized at times for lifting tunes. But there is something magical about his background scores that takes us a lot close to the feelings of these movie’s characters when they fall in love on screen or cherish the times they were in love. There is something so beautiful about his tunes that we revisit these scenes with a smile each time.