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Aadupuliyattam Malayalam Movie – What a Horror Show !

Jayaram in Aadupuliyattam

6 years since Inception, yesterday I saw a movie where I really had a hard time understanding what was happening on the screen -Aadupuliyattam . This is supposed to be a horror movie where the ghosts are the ones who should scare and distub you. Instead what disturbs you are lot other things .

Om Puri’s wig .The acting of the lady who plays Jayaram’s wife (Why dont film organizations you use “bans” for useful things!). Jayaram’s three friends who wont even let you sleep by torturing you in the name of comedy. The cameraman who just runs around and shoots everything around 1 km even when two people are just sitting and talking normally. The music director who is eager to give back more than what he is paid for by filling in noise in every frame. etc.etc.

Every such horror movie has a psychiatrist who has to say these exact lines at various parts of the movie- “There is no specific term for your condition in psychiatry”, ” I have consulted with world’s all greatest professionals”, “There is one guy who is extra ordinary”. In Aadupuliyattam , Siddique plays that psychiatrist.

But here he appears just for a couple of minutes and literally hurries throuh his lines – not sure if he had date problems or perhaps after reaching the set, he realized the director is the guy who made Thinkal Muthal Velli vare. One wish apart from the consulting in the movie, Siddique had also spent time with Jayaram off screen to force the latter quit doing hero roles forever and finally move to character roles like he did long back !

There are several movies which are helped when done some trimming. Aadupuliyattam could have also been saved similarly. Only that the length to be trimmed is 150 minutes or in other words its entire runtime.