Vijay in Bhairavaa
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Bairavaa – “Must die before you watch” kind of Movie

Vijay in Bhairavaa

Happened to watch¬†Vijay’s Bairavaa the other day. What a truly inspirational and heartfelt story on how an ordinary collection agent of a bank ! He stands up against a big tycoon cum criminal College Chairman . He eliminates all the villains single-handedly . And he saves the careers of 1000s of students in the process. Dear DC and Marvel – We are challenging you if you can ever have a superhero better than Bairavaa in this movie. Your superheroes have superpowers. Our Bairavaa doesn’t need them too.

Two sequences in the movie stand out. First where Vijay plays cricket and hit 6 astonishing shots in an over to smash the villains. After each shot, the director shows the image of which cricketing legend Vijay imitates thereby sending a strong message to the Indian selectors in what they have been missing all these years. Second the proposal scene where Vijay lifts a rowdy in air with his one hand, gives a bouquet of flowers to Keerthi Suresh and shouts “love you”. Padmarajan, if alive, would have regretted his proposal scene in Namukku Parkkan Munthiri Thoppukal.

Final Verdict – Must die before you watch.