How Lucifer gave fine closure to all its characters

Lucifer brought in a big change to the way big mass commercial entertainers were made. Even when it is a superstar movie and when the focus is on Mohanlal, the movie is not entirely about him . In a refreshing change to superstar movies from 90’s, the dialogues here are sharp and to the point. Another impressive aspect was it gave space and depth to almost all its main characters.

Just like Prithviraj’s direction, Murali Gopi’s writing too grows on you as you revisit the movie. Murali Gopi does not only bring in a series of important characters, he also doesn’t forget to give closure to almost all of them. Let’s take a look at how the writer uses 6-7 scenes one after the other and gives perfect closure to all the characters in the last 35 minutes.

1. Mayilvahanam IPS ( John Vijay)

Lucifer’s trigger point to its long climax is the meeting between Stephen(Mohanlal) and Priyadarshini(Manju Warrier) in his mother’s graveyard. Stephen then meets father Nedumpally(Fazil), asks if PKR was his real father, but then returns without an answer ( Perhaps the only story point that Murali Gopi leaves open – maybe to expand it more in movie’s sequel – Empuraan) . When the father asks him to confess, he replies- ” I can only confess for sins I have already committed. I can’t confess for sins that I am about to do”. Its time for Murali Gopi now to start closing things one by one.
When Mayilvahanam sees Stephen through his blurred eyes after being stabbed, this frame also indicates the re-emergence of Stephen in a new powerful avatar.
Murali Gopi also starts putting in smart one-liners as Stephen says to the dying Mayilavahanam – “Thambi Mayilvahanam- Naan thalayalle, thala edukkuraven”

2. Arundathi ( Nyla Usha) and Sanjeev (Giju John)

Stephen’s meeting with Arundathi and Sanjeev achieves two things – One it gives Stephen a way to get the help of NPTV to bring out to the world what Priyadarshi and he wants to say. Two it closes the debt issues for NPTV as Stephen deposits Rs 45 crores in their account in one shot. But how big is Stephen to do this ? You still have to wait for few more scenes to know this. Murali Gopi though continues placing one-liners that would become popular as Stephen departs saying- “Karshakanalle madam, onnu kala pirakkan irangiyathaa”

3. Jathin Ramdas (Tovino Thomas) and Mahesha Varma (Sai Kumar)

Tovino and Saikumar in Lucifer
It’s established that Mahesha Varma would be given another go as his vast experience is needed in guiding Jathin Ramdas as he is about to start his political career. As Jathin narrates Mahesha Verma’s own train story back to him and adds – “I am Stephen’s brother”, Murali Gopi and Prithviraj had cleverly achieved one more thing in Lucifer – Mohanlal and Tovino never had a combination scene in the movie and yet the viewers were able to relate completely to the bond between them.

4. Priyadarshini Ramdas (Manju Warrier) and Bobby (Vivek Oberoi)

Perhaps the only stretch in Lucifer’s climax that dilutes its impact is the long portion that includes the Raftara item song and the fight scene that leads to capturing Bobby. I wonder if Lucifer would have looked lot better if this part was trimmed. Lucifer still remains an exceptionally well edited movie with this the only negative that stands out.

After Bobby is captured and made to listen to the call that Stephen makes to Priya, look out for how the camera takes a moment first to show us their old family photo with her ex-husband and then her daughter near her in the bed before Priyadarshini orders Stephen to kill off Bobby. When Stephen loads his gun, its time for another popular line as he recites Ezekiel 25:17 verses – “Ente pakayil erinjodungumbol avarariyum njan avarude rajavaanennu. Ore oru Rajavu”

5. Aloshy (Kalabhavan Shajon) and Murugan ( Baiju)

Baiju and Shajon in Lucifer
How Stephen executes the revenge on Aloshy without being himself at that location reminds of Francis Ford Coppola’s The Godfather(1972)’s climax where Michael Corleone’s men takes out the Mafia members. For that matter, Lucifer reminds of both Breaking Bad and Godfather in its finesse in closing out plot points in a sequential manner.

This sequence not only makes sure the treacherous Aloshy is taken out, but also states the fact that Murugan was on Stephen’s side the whole time ,which now gives the initial scene in the film where he unfolds his mundu on seeing Stephen another meaning.

6. Govardhan (Indrajith Sukumaran)

Indrajith in Lucifer
Similar to Tovino, Indrajith also ends up having no combination scene with Mohanlal. But Stephen’s last letter to Govardhan more than makes up for it. As Stephen acknowledges that all his findings were true and wishes him all the success to keep going in the path he has chosen, he also gets him to join back with his family. ( This is how Prithviraj showed Shivada and the kid in a photo frame in Govardhan’s intro scene in the beginning becomes a detail to be not missed). Also watch out now how Prithviraj and Murali Gopi continue with their fascination for “L” as Stephen ends his letter with “Swantham… L.. “

7. Kureshi Ab’ram ( Mohanlal)

When perhaps one question which is in your mind as the movie closes was why did this film start referring “Kureshi Abram” in the opening shot, it is time to learn who it is. As Mohanlal lands in his helicopter in a new look and introduces himself as Kureshi Abram to Sanghani ( Shakti Kapoor) over phone, Prithviraj and Murali Gopi have not only set up for the sequel- Empuraan, they have also neatly closed out everything in Lucifer.

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