Irul – A Spoiler filled Analysis

Irul might not be a great movie. It leaves more questions than answers at the end of the movie. It may have more flaws than positives. But I found it interesting that the movies leaves more clues and details on the way from start towards the ending rather than feeding the viewers with a detailed flashback at the end. A look at some of the details left in the movie that looks better once you have reached the end of the movie.

** Major Spoilers Ahead*** – Read ahead only if you have watched the movie.

Darshana Rajendran and Soubin Shahir in Irul
Alex(Soubin) is clearly shocked on seeing Unni(which is the only name Fahadh has) in his house and asks “Who are you ?”. And he changes it quickly so that the surprise is not broken to Archana (Darshana Rajendran). He even spends a lot of time searching his own key he would have put in a familiar place, but doesn’t find.
Alex is seen more restless when Unni shows a painting in Alex’s house and tells it is his mother.
Fahadh Faasil in Irul
He asks Archana -” What is her name”. But he directly addresses Alex as Mr. Alex. So Unni knows who Alex is. He has come in the house to take revenge on Alex because he has written a book on him and his 5 murders.
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At the tail end of Irul through news paper cuttings, it is established that the serial killer came in the house to have the revenge on the person who wrote the book on him. He wanted to do the 6th murder there, plant the evidence of 6 rings he collected as trophies from the ladies he killed to strengthen the case against Alex and then turn the police against Alex.
When they start discussing on the novel , Alex tells Unni that he wrote the novel based on a case of 5 murders years back. Unni starts talking about the character who did 6 murders. Alex corrects as 5 murders. Unni was already talking about the 6th murder he did in basement.

The major problem in Irul though is Alex never does anything to find out who this new person in his house is. And it is even more amusing that Alex has a problem that the intruder has a bad opinion on his novel. This part where they discuss about the novel should have arrived in a better way.
It is clearly shown with Fahadh’s dissent on his face that that Unni (alas the killer) has a problem with how his character or his motive is portrayed in the novel. He then establishes to Alex and Archana what is his real motive in the killings through an interesting round table discussion.
Now the serial killer(Fahadh) has a box of 6 rings he collected as trophies . He has already left it in Soubin’s table ( Is it another evidence that he wanted to leave there to divert the police to him?).

When Alex tells Archana that he planned the whole surprise to propose to her and showed his ring , he found an opportunity in it to put suspicions in Archana’s mind and then turn her towards Alex. It helps him that she asks him the question what did he steal from the house if he is a thief.
Now finally about the novel which Fahadh found incomplete and was not satisfied with. Later when Alex ties Unni and he takes out a paper from Unni’s pocket and gives it to Archana, she finds that the page is blank with only a page number – 394. Was this the page that Fahadh tore from the Novel Irul and kept in his pocket because he realizes the novel is incomplete and he has his own lines to add after the 6th murder ? Or did he want to add and correct what Alex wrote wrongly about the motives of the killer ?

A twitter friend also found this interesting point on 394 . It is a section in Indian Penal code that goes – “Voluntarily causing hurt in committing robbery.”
Now another question that remains is how did Unni know that Alex and Archana are about to visit that house on that particular date. There are two theories possible – One- Unni just wanted to complete the 6th murder, plant all evidence against Alex and just go away. He just happened to meet Alex and Archana by chance on the same day . Two – He was indeed following Alex and Archana for months than we know about. He does look at Archana and tell them exactly how many months they both each know each other. Well another question unanswered and left to viewer’s imagination.

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