Why New Delhi is my favorite Malayalam Action Movie ever !

New Delhi is a Malayalam film released 34 years back and that fact still amazes me. The production quality where the movie is shot in different locations on big canvas is breathtaking. The film consists of such a big cast with terrific performances from each and every actor. Joshi’s making and Shyam’s music all adds […]


Irul – A Spoiler filled Analysis

Irul might not be a great movie. It leaves more questions than answers at the end of the movie. It may have more flaws than positives. But I found it interesting that the movies leaves more clues and details on the way from start towards the ending rather than feeding the viewers with a detailed […]

All Time Favorites Screenplay

10 years of Traffic – How it gave us one of our most beautiful endings

“Sudevan Nair reporting sir – Destination reached in 1 hour and 58 minutes. Mission Success” Good writers “close” things. They would introduce all sub-plots and situations earlier in the screenplay to make sure they are all connected well and brought to closure at the end. After 5 years from their second screenplay Notebook, Bobby-Sanjay wrote […]


Baahubali series – How SS Rajamouli matched the interval blocks Frame by Frame

Today is 3 years of Baahubali 2. A lot of things worked well in Baahubali series. But what amazes me most is how SS Rajamouli envisioned the “interval blocks” of both the Bahubali movies to match frame by frame to give us both nostalgia and goosebumps at the same time. He knew how the second […]


Mumbai Police- Tracing back the terrific screenplay from its climax

There are several reasons why Mumbai Police stands out as arguably the finest mystery thriller in Malayalam. First “juggling timelines” is so superbly done in this movie. It takes benefit of the fact that the protagonist has lost memory and even the viewer has to learn more along with him. Finally there is suspense filled […]


What makes Georgekutty the finest Malayalam Movie Character this decade

“I have never considered police as fools. Instead, I have only considered them as protectors of people. Which is why I strongly believe you and this police station would protect me” Georgekutty says this to the police inspector and starts walking outside the police station. We are all curious still where Varun’s body was buried, […]