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Joji movie review: Fahadh Faasil and Dileesh Pothan makes their third brilliant film together

**Mild Spoilers ahead **

In a scene from Joji, how Joji(Fahadh Faasil) and Bincy(Unnimaya Prasad) look at each other and walk away without mentioning anything is shown through mirrors. In another scene, Fahadh slowly goes into a room , he does what he intended to do and comes out slowly taking all the time in the world. How Dileesh Pothan keeps us on the edge for the major part of Joji without dialogues and without rushing through things is fantastic. While his first two movies had novelty in screenplays, Joji has a familiar setting and storyline ( as the filmmakers also announced that it has adapted Macbeth and then it has obvious shades of K.G George’s classic Irakal). Hence it becomes lot more important for the movie to be driven by its director.

Fahadh Faasil in Joji

Dileesh Pothan not only shifts the genre in his third movie, he looks like someone who has been doing this genre movies for a long time. This is a really talented director. Watch out for a scene where Joji makes a call to Jomon( Baburaj) and then hangs up saying he is busy. On the other side, Jomon turns calmly to others and says – “Its Joji. He said he is busy”. You laugh your hearts out just based on how that scene is conceived.

Which brings me to Baburaj. I wonder what prompted Dileesh Pothan to cast Baburaj, who is not seen in Malayalam often these days,in the role of the elder brother . But what a decision ! Perhaps all the scenes with Baburaj and Fahadh has come out really well. But particularly one in the second half where Baburaj asks a question to Fahadh and how Fahadh reacts is a greatly enacted scene by both the actors. While a section of viewers would be complaining that Fahadh is stuck with extreme and abnormal roles, Fahadh not only has no qualms continuing with the pattern, he has struck absolute gold here. His pivotal scene with Baburaj towards the end is going to be one that needs multiple re-visits to watch the way he brings in quick changes on his face and body language in seconds. He is brilliant in the entire climax sequence and even when he is manic, there is absolute control and finesse in his methods.

Unnimaya Prasad is another actress who makes huge impact again with minimal dialogue. Bincy’s reaction after her husband informs her about the conversation that he had with his father is terrific. Basil Joseph suddenly looks a lot more years older as he brings in a never before seen maturity just because the character that he portrays demands it. Justin Varghese’s background score sets up the mood for the movie. You keep the BGM apart, the movie may not be half eerie. The same goes for Shyju Khalid’s frames , the ones especially in the movie’s post credits may haunt you for long. Shyam Pushkaran’s screenplay may look predictable since you know how this movie is going to end. But he still succeeds in writing some really tense moments- the one which leads to the Jomon-Joji (Baburaj-Fahadh Faasil) confrontation in latter half is exceptional.

Fahadh Faasil and Dileesh Pothan together have given a brilliant movie third time in a row. Imagine what an extremely difficult feat that is to achieve !

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