Why Aham’s flashback track is one of the underrated sequences in Malayalam

The Mohanlal-Urvashi flashback track in 1992 movie Aham is one of Malayalam’s most well conceived and yet underrated segments. I wonder how Mohanlal couldn’t win any awards for this

His peculiar lifestyle and especially the facial exercises
The way he keeps referring “Ms. Renjini” when he sits with Urvashi in a restaurant.
Mohanlal and Urvashi in Aham
How he wants his eggs to be boiled for exact 43 seconds !
How he turns jealous, over-possessive and insecure of his wife and confronts and beats Suresh Gopi!
While he lies down in the floor in the hospital near his wife in coma, he imagines colors and images up in the ceiling. You now realize he has lost control of his mind( Santhosh Sivan and Venu combines for the cinematography in Aham and you see the quality throughout the frames)
The scene where he keeps his suitcase over his wife and imagines playing cards with her !
Thanks to his exemplary comic timing, you cannot help but laugh in mid of all this in some scenes too. Particularly the scene where his lover finds him in the hospital hallway and asks him didn’t he go for tour
And then there is the scene where after he kills Vimala and then laughs hysterically !

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