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Joseph Malayalam movie Short Review

In Joseph-Man With The Scar, when the titular character(Joju George) arrives at the scene of an accident, he takes out a beedi, lights it and then scans the entire area. Joju carries the aura of a star when he realizes that it is not accident but a murder, the point where the film’s tone changes from drama to thriller in seconds. In another scene, when Joseph learns about her daughter’s state in hospital, he breaks down and cries. The camera doesn’t shy away from his face for several moments because he had portrayed the pain of a father beautifully. 

Joju George in Joseph

Who would have thought this year’s finest performance by a lead actor in Malayalam would come from one of the least expected persons. Joju George holds Joseph together in a way that only the most seasoned heroes manage. He is that good.

Joseph benefits from the fact that the story is written by a policeman as some thought process has gone into solving pieces of investigation. It keeps you engaged for most part and works decently as a thriller. But the movie lacks momentum at places and falls short of Vasthavam which is still M Padmakumar’s best work. It is Joju George’s performance which towers above everything else in the movie. If anything that comes close, it is the beautiful songs.

Joseph is the kind of character that you wish Mammootty and Mohanlal do at this part of their careers. But in a way I am glad they didn’t do it. Because otherwise you wouldn’t have known what a powerhouse of talent Joju was. Watch Joseph for Joju George.

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