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2.0 Tamil Movie Short Review

For a movie on robots, despite an overstretched last 45 min, Enthiran did have smart writing. The scene where Bohra (Dany) tricks Chitti to stab knife on Vaseegaran to get him disapproved or one where Chitti gets angry for the first time making us realize he has gained feelings – they were all good ideas. 2.0’s big problem is it lacks such ideas.

Rajinikanth in 2.0

A central character killing the villains from his tragic flashback in a serial order is a template that Shankar uses in his movies from his early days. It is tiresome to see it once again here. Combine it with the template you see in Hollywood super hero movies and the message how mobile networks are bad for birds, 2.0 screenplay is ready.

Akshay Kumar is good in the flashback but he still has little to do overall. Rajnikanth is good as the 2.0 and 3.0 versions. A.R Rahman’s work is once again disappointing after Sarkar making you wonder if the big Tamil projects should start giving chances to other music directors.

The 3D effects are brilliant and the movie is a visual feast. For that reason alone, 2.0 is fun for kids and a strict one time watch for adults in theaters. Chances are you would ignore it and forget about it once it arrives on small screens unlike some of the classics Shankar had made during his prime days. Shankar definitely misses the company of Sujatha in “I” and 2.0. If he continues as a screenplay writer, he should realize it is a role as integral as the director.

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