Mammootty and Dileep in Kammath and Kammath

Kammath and Kammath Malayalam Movie Review

Mammootty and Dileep in Kammath and Kammath

Uday Krishan -Siby Thomas team’s latest script Kammath and Kammath bears resemblance to their own hit Pokkiriraja which itself was inspired from several other superstar movies. Like PokkiriRaja, the movie starts off with a flashback showing the brothers’ childhood, the main thread is about Mammooty getting his younger brother married and then there are the villains who want to stop the marriage from happening. While Pokkiriraja was entertaining , Kammath and Kammath fails to end up so.

Kammath and Kammath tells the story of two brothers -Raja Raja Kammath (Mammootty) and Deva Raja Kammath(Dileep) who are the proprietors of a large chain of restaurants and the series of events that occur after inaugurating their new restaurant and meeting the municipal secretary ( Reema Kalingal).

First half has some engaging moments. Dileep’s introduction ,his face-off with Reema Kalingal in the municipal secretary’s office and the restaurant inauguration are few of the funny scenes.But the second half disappoints heavily. Uday Krishna- Siby K Thomas have a good record writing screenplays for many Dileep hits including last year’s Mayamohini. Their scripts have never been great but always had enough entertainment value to keep you interested .Here that’s missing.

One of the big minus points in Kammath and Kammath is the flashback track involving Narein which stretches to around 20 minutes that could have been instead told in just two lines. That also keeps Mammootty ,Dileep and Baburaj away from the proceedings and the movie never picks up after that.Thomson needs to improve as a director as you can see in directors like Vyshak (Pokkiriraja) how important is a director’s role in transforming mediocre scripts to good entertainers

Mammootty and Dileep are excellent with their Konkani accent. Dileep continues his superb form from ‘My Boss’ and is terrific yet again. Baburaj is one other actor after Biju Menon who has recently revived his career after starting to act in comedy roles and he shines as Kammath Brothers’ loyal assistant. Its when these 3 actors are together on screen , you get something really to laugh at.In fact Baburaj’s some one-liners are the only releif in the second half. Dhanush’s much publicised cameo has nothing much to say about. Reema Kalingal does not look matured enough to play Mamootty’s heroine and Karthika Nair is just ok. Considering that this is a movie with two big stars, the villains are pretty weaker and its rather surprising they did not cast some big actors as villains.

Dileep had a great 2012 with some big hits while Mammootty had a forgettable year. Kammath and Kammath will reverse the fortunes for one of the actors. Despite a decent first half and good performances from Dileep and Baburaj, chances are that it could be Dileep’s fortunes which reverse.