Rorschach Review- Mammootty and a brilliant technical team join for exceptional results

** Major Spoilers ahead** The first 45 minutes of Rorschach is unlike anything I have seen in films in a very long time. From the very first scene where Luke Antony (Mammootty) walks into a Police Station and reports his wife is missing, you are introduced to a very mysterious setting and even more mysterious […]


Bheeshma Parvam – Mammootty’s fine return to form in Big Commercial Entertainer Genre

* Spoilers ahead* When Amal Neerad made Big B in 2007, it did not make much waves in Box Office. That was an era when lot of film-makers excelled in big commercial entertainer Cinema. Anwar Rasheed had Rajamanikyam and Chotta Mumbai. Joshiy still was in fine touch giving us Naran and Twenty20. Hariharan showed he […]


Mammootty through Years

I have to admit I have become a bigger fan of Mammootty in recent years than I used to be before. What amazes me is his phenomenal consistency as a performer across all these 38+ years and an undying determination to remain relevant, keep improvising. How Mammootty has found ways to remain consistent over years. […]


Unda Malayalam Movie Review

Mammootty has acted in over 400 movies. Yet his ability to walk into a character and bring variations in his portrayal or behave in a way that he hasn’t done before is phenomenal. In Unda, take the beautiful scene where he narrates why he hates police station to his fellow officers. Its almost as if […]


Puthan Panam Review – An Open Letter to Ranjith

** Few Spoilers ahead Dear Ranjith Thirakkadha, Paleri manikyam: Oru Pathirakolapathakathinte Katha , Pranchiyettan and the Saint, Indian Rupee , Spirit – ¬†You have made other wonderful scripts and movies but these five movies often strike me in particular. Because you were amazingly consistent during this period between 2008 and 2012 where you wrote and […]


The Great Father Review- Mammootty is the soul of this satisfying, if not great, thriller

Jeethu Joseph’s Memories is one of my favorite movies in recent years. Its a regular whodunit movie but it keeps you to the edge of the seat throughout. What I really liked about the movie is the subtle and restrained manner in which Jeethu has characterized Sam Alex. When Prithviraj does a great discovery or […]


Mammotty’s White – An Attempt to dissect what it was all about !

I think White would find a place among the most underrated romances in Malayalam Cinema. Many viewers couldn’t completely comprehend the different genres and subtexts that were hidden inside this movie which was the reason why it went unnoticed during its release. A first of its kind of experience in Malayalam, the movie was a […]


When can you start calling a leading actor ‘SUPERSTAR’ in Malayalam Cinema?

I see a lot of posts and statuses around Nivin Pauly being called the new superstar in town. Which poses a quite interesting question -When do leading actors get promoted to the tag – “Superstar” ? Do they have to really prove themselves in all genres , find wide acceptance among all age groups, win […]