Suriya in Singham 3

Singham 3 is Educational, helps increase Mental Toughness

Suriya in Singham

Happened to watch Singham 3 today. The movie is beneficial in many ways in that it helps increase your mental endurance and is also highly educational. Director Hari makes sure each and every viewer has some tip or information to take away.

Let’s start with a 10 minute sequence in Singham 3 where a character wanders around looking for a restroom without knowing its meaning . In hindsight , it might look like a joke. But the director is actually trying to educate his audience explaining how restroom, bathroom and toilet are in fact all the same. How often do you see movies do this. Even his casting is masterclass. By casting Shruthi Haasan, he is sending a serious tip to all kids who have super talented fathers. That there is a great chance you would also have inherited zero talent from your father just like Shruthi.

There are also tips for aspiring filmmakers in film-making aspects. I was particularly impressed by the way how the director and cinematographer quickly move the shots from a police station to villain’s houses to flyover to railway station to airport or from Hyderabad to Australia to Chennai to again Hyderabad without giving audience any clue what is going on. This idea actually saves the producers the need for a scriptwriter. Just pay the editor some extra money to cut to next the scenes very soon before viewers feel there is anything in the form of a story.

Now there is something to learn from the hero Durai Singham too. While trying to beat down few men, he ¬†demolishes all the shops and things around in a railway station platform. When going anywhere he takes a battalion of policemen with him unnecessarily when he only finally shoots the villain and others just stand idle. He goes to hotels and does item dances. In the name of investigation, he takes his wife for vacation to Australia. At the end, you learn from his father in law that he has actually a net worth of 6000 crores and he is doing the job of police officer role just for timepass. I like the social message that director tries to sends here – If you have so much money, sit at home. Don’t go out and waste the time and resources of others.

Hari and Suriya have confirmed that Singham 4 is on cards. I am pleased with the news because these movies remind you from time to time that there are other bigger calamities out there and makes you feel better about the issues you might be facing in life.