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Aamir Khan – The Most Trusted Brand in India when it comes to Cinema

When PK became the biggest grosser in Indian Cinema in 2014, it was always a given that it would be only another Aamir Khan movie which would break this record in future. For 2 years , PK’s records remained intact .Now all eyes are on Dangal which opens this Friday if it would be able […]

All Time Favorites

All Time Favorites – LAGAAN

I still remember when I first read the storyline of Lagaan months before its release. A group of villages who play a cricket match against the Britishers in the pre-independence era. It sounded little funny. Ashutosh Gowarikar, Lagaan’s director had a tough time to find the leading actor with top actors like Shah Rukh Khan, […]


Talaash Review

Aamir Khan’s career graph has drastically changed since 2001.His choice of scripts and his marketing strategies are unique and different from other actors but have proved to consistently successful (Mangal Pandey being the only exception) .In 2001 , Ashutosh Gowarikar’s story about the villagers who had to play cricket match to get their taxes cancelled was outright […]