Mammotty’s White – An Attempt to dissect what it was all about !

I think White would find a place among the most underrated romances in Malayalam Cinema. Many viewers couldn’t completely comprehend the different genres and subtexts that were hidden inside this movie which was the reason why it went unnoticed during its release. A first of its kind of experience in Malayalam, the movie was a mix of all below.

( Warning – There are spoilers below. If you haven’t watched the movie yet, you can read it straight away and thank me later)

Mammootty in White movie

…. First it starts off as a “DUBBED MOVIE” from another language. The heroine and her 2 friends keep talking in Malayalam but their lips move like they are speaking anything but Malayalam. The dubbing artists then do their part to make sure it has exactly the quality of a dubbed movie.

…. Once Mammootty arrives, it turns to “PSYCHO MOVIE”. He stalks Huma in her office, outside, everywhere she goes until Huma finally likes his psycho attitude and decides to become friends with him.

…. Next it turns to a “DOCUMENTARY ON GAMES PLAYED INSIDE A CASINO”. Mammootty and Huma take their time, plan carefully their moves, tell us what numbers they chose, roll the dices and illustrates in detail on how the game should be played.

…..Next it turns into a “HEIST MOVIE”. Mammootty and Huma decide to break in a bar . They create the thumb rules on how you should perform a heist, gets inside, the alarm goes off, they come outside. You might start to wonder how is this all relevant to the movie. You are correct. It is not relevant at all.

…. Next it turns to a “TOUR GUIDE ON LONDON”. Mammootty and Huma walk into some streets, play a game on who will eat more chilli before drinking beer, break into another big bungalow and amuse us for another 20 minutes

…. Next it turns into a “‘YOU DID NOT SEE THAT TWIST COMING’ MOVIE”. The makers make use of the “oraale pole ee lokathu ezhu per undu” saying as we are revealed the twist that Mammootty had a wife who looked exactly like Huma.

…. Next it turns into an “EMOTIONAL MELODRAMA”. Huma now wants to spend the rest of the life with Mammootty. Mammootty after all the stalking now doesnt want her ( yes you read that right). The couple talk ,argue, sing a sad song and finally goes to Kerala. At the end like Ambujakshan once famously quoted – ” Avide vachu avar onnikkukayaaanu Suhruthukkale!”

…..After spending a lot of time on what this movie actually meant, I could conclude it was a “SOCIAL MESSAGE MOVIE” on a whole . It was the story of someone whose wife met with an accident because she did not wear seatbelt. He found another lady who exactly looked like his wife and conveyed her the social message on how it is important to wear seatbelts while in car. She followed the same thereafter, they married and lived happily ever after.

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