Why are Mammootty and Mohanlal Still at Only Padma Shri ?

There is one thing Mammootty tells constantly any year he gets on stage to receive best actor at ‘FilmFare Awards South’ .That Filmfare should stop having separate award functions – one for Bollywood and one for South- and rather treat the artists across the nation as one.  Mammooty is 63 years old and does pretty […]

All Time Favorites

KAIYOPPU – As Pure And Poetic As It Gets

‘Enikente maranam unarchayillatha urakkam mathram..ini njanenna yathaarthyam avasanichu.. enna arivinte vedanayumaayi baakiyavunna ninaku vendi aanu ente ee kanneer.. Athe varilla ennarinjittum kathirikkunnavarude vedana kadinamaanu.. kanneeranu’ Everything about Kaiyoppu had a poetic touch to it. From the mature romance of the lead pair and the telephone conversations they had to the manner in which all the […]


When Mammootty Gave A Great Start To These Directors’ Careers

‘How is your experience of working with Mammootty different from that of Mohanlal’, ‘ How do you compare Mohanlal and Mammootty as actors’.These are questions that any of their colleagues ,actors or directors, cant escape from in their interviews. We have heard a lot different types of comparisons made on their careers, acting styles and […]

All Time Favorites

All Time Favorites – ORU CBI DIARY KURIPPU

Its not easy for our filmmakers to produce whodunits today.Movie viewers have watched so many twists and turns over the past years and its difficult to surprise them totally with a suspense at the end that they did not guess somewhere between the movie. Back in 1988, S.N Swamy created a terrific script for ‘Oru CBI Diary […]

Mammootty and Dileep in Kammath and Kammath

Kammath and Kammath Malayalam Movie Review

Uday Krishan -Siby Thomas team’s latest script Kammath and Kammath bears resemblance to their own hit Pokkiriraja which itself was inspired from several other superstar movies. Like PokkiriRaja, the movie starts off with a flashback showing the brothers’ childhood, the main thread is about Mammooty getting his younger brother married and then there are the […]


Worst Malayalam Movies of 2012

A friend’s comment on my post –Top Malayalam Movies of 2012 prompted me to write this article. Choosing the worst from a pile of bad movies is no easy task but movies below might find place in anybody’s list for the worst films of 2012. 1) Casanova – The bigger the expectations, the bigger the debacle […]


When willl Mammootty bounce back ?

I watched Mammootty’s Thappana last week. I had liked the couple of one-liners that appeared in the teasers that came out when the movie released but turns out those are the only good things in the entire movie. There is no story at all in the first half and Mammootty just wanders from place to place […]