Nivin Pauly and Isha Talwar in Thattathin Marayathu

Thattathin Marayathu Malayalam Movie Review

Nivin Pauly and Isha Talwar in Thattathin Marayathu

A boy falling in love with a girl from a different religion is a story as old as hills. In Thattathin Marayathu, Vineeth Sreenivasan takes this simple story line , adds an engaging screenplay and with the help of an amazing background score ,stunning cinematography and Nivin Pauly’s excellent performance , produces a beautiful romantic movie.

Thattathin Marayathu’s first half has Vinod( Nivin Pauly) narrating to the Sub inspector( Manoj K Jayan) his love story and second half on how he overcomes the hurdles to win his girl. Songs are good but what really works to the benefit of the movie is the beautiful background score that does elevate many scenes in the movie. Shaan Rahman has done a terrific job there. Camera work is brilliant. Dialogues are awesome. All the dialogues that appeared in the trailer are greeted with loud applause in the theatre – ‘ Keralathile anpillerkenthinada six pack’ and ‘ola thattanittu kazinja sire pine chuttullathonnum kanilla’ gets the maximum cheer and claps

Nivin Pauly gets into the skin of the character with an unbelievable passion and energy. He handles both the romantic and lighter scenes with equal ease. Isha Talwar as the heroine is a clever choice. More than her acting she has to look stunning and different and that had created a huge effect even before the release of the movie. Rest of the supporting cast that include Nivin’s friends and Manoj K Jayan have all done their parts well. A special mention to Aju Varghese who impresses with his comic timing.

Finally to the man who deserves all the credit – Vineeth Sreenivasan .At a time when we see a tide of new generation movies, Vineeth Srinivasan takes us back to the old style by telling sweet, simple and innocent love story. His handling of a number of sequences is praiseworthy – the ones where Vinod talks with Aisha the first time ,where he proposes to her , where Aisha tells him that she loves him too and the climax where Sreenivasan finally opens his mind to his brother are the scenes that stand out. Vineeth has also added a high dose of comedy from the beginning till the climax and that works very well for the movie.

Sreenivasan has written a lot of scripts but have only directed two movies -Vadakku nokkiyanthram and Chinthavistayaya Shyamala – both of them were classics. Vineeth still has to go some distance to match up to his dad but Thattathin Maraythu proves that his future as a director does look bright and promising.