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A.R Rahman Concert : If a Keralite responded similarly to SRK’s Jab Harry Met Sejal

P.S – This is a work of fiction imagining how a Keralite would have responded to Shah Rukh Khan’s movie if he reacted in the same lines of the Hindi speakers who walked out of A.R Rahman’s concert. So here is  an early snippet from a review that I would be putting on Aug 4th, the date Shah Rukh Khan’s new movie Jab Harry Met Sejal would be released

Dear Shah Rukh Khan

Watched Jab Harry Met Sejal today. Should say I was totally disappointed and even walked out from the Cinema halls in the interval.

We do not care if your character is travelling places like Europe and Punjab in the movie or is basically a North Indian. Why cannot you understand that you are a huge star who have fans from all states in India and that your movie release in all these states? Why cannot you divide your dialogues in exact proportions , translate them and speak them in all the languages from all states.

You literally forgot how we Keralites had played a great role in your stardom and making you a legend. Our Asianet Chairman has invited you down here so many times and given you ” Popular actor award”, “Life time achievement award” etc. But where is the gratitude Mr. Khan? You speak highly of our Mammootty and Mohanlal when you are here in Kerala but you cannot speak in their language! We do not understand this Mr. Khan.

I am going to ask for refund from the multiplex for this epic failure. I will also lodge an official complaint against Red Chillies Entertainment.