Memories Malayalam Movie Review

Prithviraj as Sam Alex in Memories

It’s the dream of any actor to be part of movies that win hands down with both critics and common viewers alike. To attain the same for 4 movies in a row is nothing short of a phenomenal achievement and Prithviraj is having the time of his life. After ‘Ayaalum Njanum Thammil’, ‘Celluloid’ and ‘Mumbai Police’ which were all box office successes and critically acclaimed, Prithviraj’s new movie – Memories in all likelihood should tread the same path. 

Memories tell the story of  Sam Alex , a chronic alcoholic police officer who 3 years after the tragic death of his wife and daughter is pulled into the challenging case of a serial killer after compulsion from his mother and senior officer. The movie then revolves around how Sam connects the dots and solves the mystery.The movie starts by taking its own time in describing Sam Alex’s character, his past  and the pain he goes through but suddenly shifts gear as Sam enters the investigation and thereafter you are entirely kept at the edge of the seat. Particularly exciting sequences are when Prithviraj stuns his fellow officers as he reaches the murder scene for the first time , when he explains to his team the motive of the killer and the entire last half an hour is thrilling.

After the sweet family entertainer – ‘Mummy and Me’ and the hilarious ‘My Boss’ , Jeethu Joseph proves that he could handle yet another genre with equal ease. I believe this is one director who deserves much more credit when compared to other new generation directors who are often raved and talked about.  Now Memories should take Jeethu Joseph much more steps further to the top league of directors.

Watch out for how shrewdly he plays with our mind in the final sequences of the movie as Prithviraj gets more closer to the killer. In a sequence where Prithviraj apologizes to his mom for shouting at her before, Jeethu Joseph shows that he is still strong in handling the emotional scenes which was his forte in his debut movie.

Memories Malayalam Climax

Prithviraj’s story is a perfect example of how no hate campaign or no obstacles could deter any great talent from attaining the heights they deserve. With his current choice of scripts and brilliant performances in one movie after another , there is just no stopping Prithviraj. His terrific acting in the last one hour makes sure the proceedings are tense throughout and keeps you glued to the seat.Memories is all about one man show and there is nothing much for the supporting cast to do including the heroines – Meghna Raj and Mia George. Anil Johnson’s background score is awesome and is one thing that keeps you interested during the slightly slower first half.

Memories is a superb suspense thriller , one of the best to come out in recent years . Prithviraj’s brilliant performance and Jeethu Joseph’s slick execution as he cleverly unravels the mystery piece by piece on-screen makes sure that Memories is a memorable movie experience. Do not miss it if you are a fan of the suspense thriller genre.