Prithviraj Sukumaran – How you cannot predict what he’s upto next !

Prithviraj Sukumaran’s biggest asset is that you cannot predict what he’s upto next. He could switch between genres or surprise you handling any field of Cinema. He could be the director, the producer, the singer and the actor. Even as an actor, he could be the hero one day. He wouldn’t mind playing the villain […]

All Time Favorites Cinematography

Memories and its effective use of Night and low light scenes throughout

Jeethu Joseph’s 2013 movie Memories still remains one of the finest investigative thrillers to have come out in Malayalam Cinema. One of its most distinguishing features is how the movie is shot in low light or night for the most part. The movie starts at night. The interval is at night. The climax is at […]


Mumbai Police- Tracing back the terrific screenplay from its climax

There are several reasons why Mumbai Police stands out as arguably the finest mystery thriller in Malayalam. First “juggling timelines” is so superbly done in this movie. It takes benefit of the fact that the protagonist has lost memory and even the viewer has to learn more along with him. Finally there is suspense filled […]


Ayyappanum Koshiyum Movie Review

* Mild spoilers ahead* “Self respect is kind of a poison. Once it gets to your head, you are done.” Sachy takes the line from the climax of his previous movie ‘Driving License’ and expands it to yet another wonderful screenplay in Ayyappanum Koshyum. It’s the same template of two male leads caught in an […]

Short Articles

Five Years since Jeethu Joseph’s Terrific Memories

“Ee boot canalinte bhagathottu poyitumundu. Itha thirichu vannitumundu. Thirichu vanna print angottu poyathine apekshichu valare aazhathilaanu pathinjirikkunnathu. Athayathu poya aalu thirichu vannapol baaram koodi. Which means he was carrying something heavy” Its when Sam Alex walks into a crime scene and stuns his fellow officers that I first knew Memories would be a movie that […]

Short Reviews

Koode Malayalam Movie Short Review

There are things in Anjali Menon’s Koode that works and that doesn’t work compared to its original Marathi movie – Happy Journey. For instance , Happy Journey was 1 hour 56 minutes. While Koode is 40 minutes longer . Pace really takes a back seat as this difference of 40 minutes really stand out. Happy […]

Prithviraj and Indrajith in Tiyaan

Tiyaan Review – Tests Your Patience Throughout !

In a scene from Tiyaan where Indrajith and Murali Gopi confront each other, Murali Gopi first utters 3-4 words. Then Gopi Sunder puts an annoyingly noisy BGM. The camera shows the faces of both the actors alternately. Then Murali Gopy utters his next 3-4 words. This goes on for several minutes.┬áIn another scene, Indrajith is […]

All Time Favorites

Mumbai Police -My pick for the finest Malayalam movie made this decade

* Don’t proceed further if by any chance you haven’t watched Mumbai Police all these years. In 2013, by the time I had gone to Mumbai Police, I had known that Prithviraj had portrayed a gay role. That was the only spoiler I heard about the movie and I thought it would completely ruin my […]


Decoding Ezra’s Incredible Success

Horror movies are often a risk compared to other genres because they do not attract families with kids to theaters. Ezra doesn’t really deviate from the usual horror movie templates you see in other languages. There are not much jump scare moments that stay with you . There are few unanswered questions that linger in […]

Prithviraj in Oozham
Short Reviews

Oozham Malayalam Movie Short Review

What I really love about Jeethu Joseph in Memories and Drishyam is that he narrates even the major twists and turns swiftly and subtly. What happens is he catches the viewers by surprise, they applaud and they feel like going back to them immediately to experience it over again. This is what gave both movies […]