Rakshadhikari Baiju Oppu – A trip to Kumbalam that I cherished

Biju Menon and Aju Varghese in Rakshadhikari Baiju

“Rakshadhikari Baiju Oppu” uses sync sound which means you could hear each and every sound of the Kumbalam village as if you are right in the middle there. Its actors do not look like they are acting in front of camera. They do not deliver lengthy cinematic lines. They just behave normally and talk like you and me do in our daily lives. What all this means is that I did not feel like I had a movie experience in theater. Instead Rakshadhikari Baiju Oppu felt like it took me on a trip to Kumbalam where I went, sat, spent moments with the residents there and had a great time.

I really enjoyed watching the elders play cricket in the ground while the kids played football on the side. Every time Manoj (Deepak Parambol) would go to the nearby house to pick the ball, it brought a smile on my face. I had great fun the day Baiju (Biju Menon) fell into the well and others took a pic and shared across to everyone. I just couldn’t stop laughing to how they performed their drama on stage during Kumbalam Brother’s anniversary.  I loved the fights that Unni (Aju Varghese) and Sreekala often had. My heart also went out to the small kid when an unexpected incident happened in his life.

I was often surprised with the great bond that Kumbalam brothers shared with each other, how each of them would look out for each other no matter what. I was even more surprised at their simplicity.  One day when Baiju and his sister had put behind their rift and talked after a long while, I expected them to shed few tears and be melodramatic. But no, they won’t because they like to keep it simple. Another day when Baiju got Rs 25000 and looked at his wife and kid with a proud smile , I expected them to react emotionally. But they just returned a gentle smile because they like to keep it simple

I could relate to George (Dileesh Pothan) who lived outside, had visited Kumbalam after a long time and realized what he has been missing. Finally I couldn’t help but envy Baiju who had a big heart, who never hesitated to help others around him but who still wouldn’t miss an opportunity to show off his boasty side in front of his villagers. When at the end I returned from Kumbalam, they were in middle of a small crisis that it stirred my mind for a long while.

I could feel a breeze of fresh air in Kumbalam throughout my trip and that was Bijibal’s background score. There was someone who took to me to the right places in the village where most fun happened and that was Ranjan Pramod. This trip was a little longer than I expected but I didn’t mind it. There were only a couple of places which I wish could have been avoided but then at the end it didn’t matter at all. This was a trip that was totally worth it. This was a trip that I would cherish for long. Thanks Ranjan Pramod and Kumbalam residents !

Rakshadhikari Baiju Oppu is Beautiful !