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What happened behind the scenes of Mamangam

What happened behind the scenes of Mamangam ? Read the story through pics.

“Mom, Aunt – I have decided to go and meet Mammookka to learn more about acting before Mamangam shooting begins. I also heard he has the skill to jump 1 km up in sky while doing stunts beating all laws of gravity. I want to learn that too”
” Dear Unni – Do you want to travel that far to learn that. Look at me. You have to just flex your face muscles, when you emote.”
“Do you mean like this ?”
“When did you say you are leaving. Don’t wait till night”
” I heard someone named Unni is leaving home. Unnniiiii…. Dont go Unnniiii”
“Aunt – What do you think about my acting. Should I stay or not”
“Oh dear. I am sorry. This was just a guest role. I am going to the next movie sets which has an Unni”
After reaching at Mammootty’s place

“Welcome Unni – Let me not waste time. These are some of the important emotions that you should learn – Love, sadness, Anger. Now go on – enact and show me these emotions”
“How does it look Mammookka?”
” Oh my god. When will my troubles with this movie end ? Sanjeev Pillai was asked to leave. Another actor was asked to leave. A new director who thinks a big scale movie should be made like a mega serial came in.

Now this ! Let me take them to some forest and leave them there “
“Dont give up Valiya mama. Valiya mamayekaal valiya poraaali ithinu munpum pinpum illenna kettitullatha”

“Ivanu ithu vare mathi aayille”
“So boys, yathrayilla. From here, there is a KSRTC bus back to your home. Don’t delay further.”
“But Mammookka , give me one more chance”
” Go away man. Do whatever you want. That producer Venu is anyways going to say this movie has made 135 crores in 10 days. So I don’t care”

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