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How Mammootty ended up signing Ganagandharvan

How did Mammootty end up signing Ramesh Pisharody’s Ganagandharvan. Read through the pictures below.

“Hello Mukesh. What’s up? Why did you want to meet me ?”
“Mammookka- Ramesh Pisharody will talk with you after this. But he first wanted me to check with you if you can do the lead role in his new movie”
“Oh Mukesh, his first movie was Panchavarnathatha rite? I heard even Kunchacko Boban who used to do all kind of bad movies started becoming extra selective after Panchavarnathatha. I even suspect if my son stopped doing Malayalam movies after happening to watch it. Please spare me”
“Mammookka, think about it. You know Mohanlal is singing in his every other movie. In this movie, you can match that by doing role of a full time singer. The movie’s name itself is Ganagandharvan”
“I am fine with what I have on my plate. With Peranbu and Unda, I am finally back to track this year. Just leave me alone”
“Mammooka, this is a phone call for you”
“Really? Might be Shaji Nadesan to discuss the next facebook announcement of our prestigious and dream project Kunjali Marakkar”
“Hello Mammookka, this is me -Johny Antony”
“Oh my God”
“I know Pisharody is forcing you to act in his movie. I will talk with them and let you loose from that project. I know your next 2 months are free. How about we both do a movie together. Thoppil Joppan, Thappana, Ee patthanathil bootham, Thuruppu Gulaan – How many great memories we have had”
“Oh my dear lord”
“Tell Pisharody that I will do Ganagandharvan. Just a couple of conditions. Ask him to sign two other persons. First as you know, Sohan Seenulal who acts in my all movies. Second, Johny Antony. I want him to be engaged in acting so that he doesn’t even think about directing again !”

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