How do you write, execute and act in a mass transformation scene – The Salaam Kashmier example

Making a transformation scene that leaves viewers in goosebumps in a commercial entertainer is not a mean task . Let’s take the example of Salaam Kashmier and see the six major factors which all in exact proportions should go behind making such a scene: Also Read – What really happened behind the scenes of Fahadh […]


If the Malayalam Movie Mikhael had the Gautam Menon trademark voice-over..

Gautam Menon’s much delayed project-Enai Nokki Paayum Thota has released finally and there is a debate going on if the excessive voice-over of the lead character has been a hindrance to the overall movie experience or not. Voice over has been always a trademark in Gautam Menon movies. If there is one Malayalam movie I […]