If the Malayalam Movie Mikhael had the Gautam Menon trademark voice-over..

Gautam Menon’s much delayed project-Enai Nokki Paayum Thota has released finally and there is a debate going on if the excessive voice-over of the lead character has been a hindrance to the overall movie experience or not. Voice over has been always a trademark in Gautam Menon movies. If there is one Malayalam movie I thought where this voice over would have fit perfectly, it would be Mikhael.

An imagination of how Mikhael would have looked like with the voice over.

“My Name is Mikhael. I am a doctor in a reputed hospital. But I don’t have a clue on what is going on there.”
“I do lot of social service. Some days, on the way to hospital, I also do carpooling and help patients reach hospital soon. You would see the statutory warning that seat-belt is a must to drivers and front seat passengers. But it is not applicable to the passengers who are in front of the vehicle.
” My name is Michael and I also go out on rainy nights and pick and drop people who are drunk and lying on the ground. I use umbrella for this purpose.”

“You might be wondering why I said ‘my name is Michael’ again. Since we are doing a Gautam Menon like voice over, I have to keep telling the same thing again and again”
“Despite my social services, few fans who have watched Kayamkulam Kochunni on the first day still visit me at the hospital and chase me”
“My sister thinks she is a bigger martial arts specialist than me. I wanted to tell her all about my skills. But my director asks me to wait. Ok, so I will wait”
” One day, I visited my mother who is played by Shanti Krishna. I had come from London after so much persuasion from her. Lal Uncle who is my father is inside the house. Ok wait, sorry, that was another movie. This is what too much voice over does. It messes up things”
“One day, finally I saw the girl of my life. I said – “Annekku thaan naan avale muthal muthalaa pathen. Aval avalo azhaku”. I wanted to do 2-3 songs together without any context like a Gautam Menon movie. But then I realized this movie has so many villains and I have no time for songs”
“One day, while we were driving in the car, a guy overtook us and parked his car in front of us. My sister says he is the villain of this movie. I understand despite being the villain, he is still telling stories from past, crying and handling all the emotional scenes of the movie. He has made this a habit. I didn’t like this. I decided to get rid of him”
“One day someone dropped a big backpack thinking it is the sets of a Dulquer Salmaan movie. I took it and kept inside the house. I have to do everything in this movie”
” I realize this movie is going aimless now. Like Mohanlal sir did in Kaappan, I decided to kill off my character . I decided to lie down on the railway track “
“But even the train doesn’t want me . It went through another track. Man, looks like I am stuck in this movie forever”
“Finally to cheer me up, director says I can tell my sister about my fighting skills. I called her and asked to take out the albums and check out my stunt pics”
“But my sister said she cannot hear a thing and she is hearing something loud in the background”
“This is when I also heard Gopi Sunder’s Ulakka Chakka in the background. Man what annoying sound is this ? What does Ulakka Chakka Chakka even mean. There is no point now, my sister cant hear a thing”
“So many guys have come to hit me in the garage since this was supposed to be my big transformation scene. Let me just act as if I am still talking on phone and beat these guys. They will think I am multi-tasking efficiently”
“Ok wait. Now what is this. Why I am now in a college. What is even the point of a flashback now. What a $$#%^ job is this movie’s editor doing ? I don’t get the sequence of scenes in this movie”
“Now that I am in a college, let me take a bike and ride through the corridors. I still hear than annoying “Ulakka Chakka chakka” in background. Can someone ask to stop that ?”
” Ok I thought all the villains of this movie are done. Where did this guy come from? I don’t have a phone or umbrella with me ? How can I fight this guy?”
“Let me just hide here and tell him I can get him offers in many periodic and action movies other than Mamankam, if he leaves me alone”
“He is asking me if I am sure. I am telling him I am sure. We can sign the papers today itself”
“He has gone to sign the documents. Before he realizes its all fake, I have to get this movie end for once and all”
“My name is Michael and enough is enough. This movie ends now”

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