Dear Urvashi – You are a rockstar. 2020 belongs to you!

Dear Urvashi

2020 belongs to you.

In Varane Avashyamundu, its when you sat in a restaurant across Kalyani Priyadarshan first this year that I was reminded of your ability to walk away with a movie no matter how much small screen time you have. When you told Kalyani that you will miss her, but asked her to still not come to your family, I realized that you were the best thing about the entire movie. In Putham Pudhu Kalai, when you were inside the wardrobe with a cup of coffee, you beautifully depicted the vulnerable side of a middle aged lady who fell in love again.

In Soorarai Pottru, you made us cry in the scene where you shout at Surya ,tear the father’s letter and throw at him. I happened to see Malayalam actor Nandhu’s interview recently where he speaks about a scene from Bharatham. Mohanlal is about to break down and pause in between his song, but you try to cheer him up with a thumbs-up gesture, a smile and tears in eyes. Nandhu told in the interview that he has tried to enact that scene in front of a mirror multiple times but has failed. Years later, your skills are still intact.

Mookkuthi Amman is an average movie overall. But there were a couple of scenes involving you which I kept rewinding and laughing out loud. The scene which shows you have been trying to visit Thirupathi for years or the Baasha spoof scene where the kids are astonished at your transformation were outright hilarious.

You once had the record of winning 3 state awards in 3 consecutive years – 1989, 1990, 1991 , mostly for doing roles in comedy one after another ( and not many noticed that you won a National award for your comeback movie after several years -Achuvinte Amma !). Who can forget the scene from Kadinjool Kalyanam where you pull out the brush you used as a kid and start describing it ! I have seen it is tough for the greatest of actors and stars to maintain their comic timing in the same way for 30+ years.

But you are a rockstar !