What really happened in Mammootty’s The Priest- Spoiler Filled Review

*** This is a spoiler filled analysis of The Priest. Read ahead only if you have watched the movie.

I think the only reason Mammootty signed the Priest is when the makers offered him this scene .Mammootty was waiting for a chance to get back at Pisharody for making him do Ganagandharvan. The only issue is that the viewers have to sit through the first 45 minutes of the movie which finally has no main connection to the rest of the main plot !
At the time of the interval block, this is the OTT viewers’ reaction to the theater viewers who told the movie had a great interval twist. What a “fresh” twist !
Meanwhile Father Carmen Benedict (Mammootty) takes his own sweet time in the second half and find that the spirit in the girl’s body is Elizabeth’s. ( The lady who died in Chennai in the first case)
Few minutes later in the movie, he cleverly finds that the spirit is not Elizabeth’s.

You don’t say !
All this while, the viewers who know that Manju Warrier is playing an important role in the movie and has not arrived so far. If you have seen the song – “Kanne Uyirin song” that features Manju Warrier and Nikhila Vilmal and which again the makers released within 1-2 weeks after the movie, then only Father Benedict is left to know the truth.
No one:
Absolutely No one:
Father Benedict whenever he is bored in the movie:

At one point, Nikhila Vimal’s lover in the movie confronts him and asks what are you trying to achieve with these exorcisms.
Father Carmen Bendict clearly did not like that he was questioned.
Mammootty in the Priest
He made him sit and tried to have a conversation with him – ” Hey man, I know you are budding actor. I know directors like Ramesh Pisharody. I can ask him to give you a lead or second lead role in their new movie. What do you say ?”
For some reason, actor Venkatish is seen very busy after that.
Father Benedict tried to meet him again and talk about the offer again. But he continues to be busy throughout the movie.
T.G Ravi who plays the doctor in the movie also realizes exorcism is not doing anything. He also convinces Father Benedict to try something different.
Father Bendict finally changes his tactics
Manju Warrier in The Priest
The JBL speaker thing did the trick and Manju Warrier has come out of the kid. But she is not happy. She asks Father Benedict:

“Hey, why did you not use this technique in the beginning itself? I really had a short role in this movie than they promised me. I finally had to produce and act in another horror thriller – Chathurmukham – to make up for this”
Father Benedict – ” Manju Warrier, you have to understand the order was delayed by few days than Amazon displayed first in their app”.

He also brought out his last ploy : ” I also have something important to say. You will definitely become emotional”
Manju Warrier in The Priest
Sachi becomes emotional ( Sorry subtitles from wrong movie). Manju Warrier alas the Ghost becomes emotional when she learns that it was her sister in the driver’s seat in the car. She is now like “Ente Bhagathum thettundu”
Finally this is how the movie ends.

Manju Warrier forgetting all her revenge and forgiving her sister’s lover since he was not in driving seat

The sister’s lover who still saw her fighting for life in blood and didn’t care and drove away
Sohan Seenulal in The Priest
But forget about the mystery surrounding the Saniya, Manju Warrier and the little girl. This movie’s biggest mystery is how Sohan Seenulal continues to get roles in Mammootty’s movies. That is left unanswered

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