Prithviraj and a Surprising Reluctance to do ‘Mass’ or ‘Action’ Movies anymore !

Prithviraj has not done mass movies in a while

The first thought when I watched Nivin Pauly and his slow motion scenes in Premam that as per reports are sending theaters frenzy was how lucky was he to have such a director-writer. Alphonse Puthren knew both the strengths of Nivin and also the pulse of the audience. He knew the exact number of mass scenes needed and where should they be placed to reap maximum benefits. He importantly had a great screenplay to get it going. This is when one thinks how unlucky had Prithviraj (easily the most consistent young actor in Malayalam Cinema for last several years) been for almost entire first half of his career where did not have the right talented writers or directors to backup his strengths.

Prithviraj became a sensation in Kerala following the success of Puthiya Mukham in 2009 but still many were reluctant to call him a star mostly because the movie was average. Prithviraj, his action sequences, the hit song he rendered and a thrilling interval scene ended up being the only good things about the movie but which were enough back them to make it a huge success .But over time, it did not get remembered as it should be for the impact it created.

We saw Prithviraj taking up action roles to further whistles and claps in theaters in movies like Anwar, Urumi and Pokkiri Raja . But then after few failures like Thanthonni and Simhasanam , when Ayalum Njanum Thammil happened in 2012 , we saw a completely transformed actor who all of a sudden decided to stick to what he said in his past interviews. He was no longer interested in mass or action movies and he no longer wanted to be the next superstar. Mumbai Police, Memories, Celluloid, Kaaviya Thalaivan, Sapthamshree Thaskaraha, Picket 43 – The actor seemed to have finally found a thin line where he could get both critical acclaim and adequate boxoffice success.

If I remember correctly , for someone who used to be so good in stunt scenes ,Prithviraj strangely had not had a single stunt in his last 3 years ( barring perhaps one very short sequence in Mumbai Police) . I personally think a leading actor if he is capable should find a midway between mass and class movies – ┬ásomething that Mohanlal and Mammootty had done over the last many years very successfully. We know Prithviraj is largely capable to find this midpoint but yet for now looks like he want to be remembered after years in an entirely different manner.

I would have looked forward to Double Barrel to see an out and out action movie where Prithviraj finally do some real action. But then I see the tag – ” Adiyilla…. Vedi Mathram” and looks like that skill of Prithviraj would be again under wraps. What do you all think ? Do you want to see Prithviraj back in a full action or mass movie once in a while or are you happy he continue with the type of movies he is currently doing ?