How repeated frames aid Varane Avashyamund’s storytelling

I liked Varane Avashyamund more in second viewing. Its now when I noticed how certain frames or particular location spots repeat in the movie and act as an aid in storytelling. It is also a technique that makes the movie endearing to the audience. Take a look at those repeated frames. (Spoilers ahead) Follow me […]

Dulquer in CIA
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CIA Malayalam Movie Short Review

In CIA, Dulquer Salmaan and Siddique share great chemistry as Dad and son in the first half. Dileesh Pothan shines in the comedy scenes. Background score by Gopi Sunder is once again pretty good. Vaanam Thilathilakanu song is very nice though poorly placed in the movie. But these are about the only things I liked […]

Dulquer Salmaan - An underrated performance in Kammattipaadam
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Dulquer Salman’s Krishnan in Kammattipaadam – An underrated performance in 2016 ?

It could be ironical that the movie that is most talked about this year might also have the most underrated performance in 2016. Dulquer’s performance in Kammattipaadam has not got its due. The shock when he hear the whipping sound through phone or the realization of the treachery during Ganga’s cremation – Dulquer brought out […]

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Jomonte Suvisheshangal Review -An Open Letter to Sathyan Anthikad

Dear Sathyan Anthikad I saw Jomonte Suvisheshangal yesterday. It started off pleasantly and I thought this looked different from your other movies. Dulquer Salman and Mukesh as the father-son duo shared great chemistry. I especially enjoyed the scenes where Mukesh tried to make a land deal in a funeral or Dulquer walked into a bus […]

Nivin and Dulquer have many similarities in their careers

Nivin Pauly and Dulquer Salmaan – Two Careers Different Yet Similar

Nivin Pauly and Dulquer Salmaan are two of Malayalam industry’s most promising young stars today. Nivin Pauly came to the industry on his own and struggled through his initial phase. For Dulquer Salmaan , the entry would have been easy being a superstar’s son. Both their careers started differently. But now they are progressing in […]

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OK Kanmani Review – Mani Ratnam’s finest work in years !

Mani Ratnam respects and believes a great deal in the institution of “Marriage”. In 1986’s Mounaragam, to the girls who were forced into wedlocks which they don’t approve of, he told that it could mark the beginning of a new love story.  In 2000’s Alaiypayuthe, to the lovers who flee from their houses , marry and […]

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Ustad Hotel – A gem that keeps shining brighter

There is this beautiful sequence in Ustad Hotel. While returning from the bank, Kareemka asks Faizi-‘Marubhumiyile Mazha kandittundo Faizi mon’. They continue their conversation next on the sea shore where they talk about fate . Kareemka says ‘Kisamth ennonnu undu Faizi. Athine arkum thadukkaaan pattilla’. Faizi then tastes the Sulaimani and asks what is special in it. […]