Dear Mohanlal – How do you still keep doing this magic at box-office !

Dear Mohanlal, Let’s start with 2013. Its the year where Prithviraj gave the terrific Memories and Mumbai Police and had succeeded in converting lot of his haters to fans. Fahad Faazil announced his arrival through Amen, Annayum Rasoolum and Artist. Dileep continued to make money with his comedy movies. Meanwhile on the other side ,you […]


Those Magical ‘Mohanlal’ Moments

When someone once made a list of  ’50+ things only a Proud Mallu will understand’, the first in the list was a photo of Mohanlal with the caption – ‘This man is part of your daily life. Literally’. That just sums it up. From a career that has entertained us for over 36 years, here’s […]


Padmarajan – Mohanlal : Remembering An Association That Gave Us Nothing But Classics

Sometimes you watch a movie to witness a director’s genius at work. Sometimes for the sheer pleasure of viewing a fine actor at his best. The biggest feast for a cine goer is when you get to experience both of these in one movie. In Malayalam Cinema, we have had several great actor-director partnerships across […]



In 1986, Mohanlal wiped his tears and told his sister – ‘Inganeyonnumalla mole ninte kalyanam njan nadathaan agrahichirunnathu’ in ‘T.P Balagopalan M.A’. When he handled the emotional scenes in a beautifully restrained manner , he was rewarded with his first Kerala State Award and a record for the youngest actor to win the same at that time. […]

All Time Favorites

All Time Favorites – CHITHRAM

Some of our blockbusters in recent years make you wonder if they are really worth all its success. 28 years back when Chithram ran for around 400 days in theaters, no one would have really doubted if it was deserving of its phenomenal success. It might still be the all time highest grossing Malayalam movie […]

All Time Favorites

All Time Favorites – DASHARATHAM

From Tamil star Surya to Malayalam actor Ganesh,one common thing a lot of them use to say about Mohanlal is that even his fingers and fingernails can act. In Dasharatham’s climax, when Mohanlal rests his hand on Sukumari’s shoulder and tells her -” Annie mone snehikunna pole Maggieku enne snehikaamo’ ,you could just watch his […]

All Time Favorites

All Time Favorites – RAJAVINTE MAKAN

‘My phone number is 2255’ says Vincent Gomas and writes the number on the calendar in Ambika’s house. A one-liner that went on to become such immensely popular than perhaps its makers even dreamt of, also marked the rise of Mohanlal, the Superstar. From the villain in his debut movie , ‘Manjil Virinja Pookkal’ to […]

All Time Favorites


‘Namuku gramangalil chennu rapaarkam , athikalathu munthirithoppukalil poyi munthirivalli thalirthu poovidukayum mathalanarakam pookukkayum cheytho ennu nokkaam…’ Solomon (Mohanlal) tells Sofia (Shari) this and asks her to check Bible for the rest of the lines. A proposal in Malayalam cinema has never been so beautiful before or after. Padmarajan’s 1986 movie – ‘Namukku Parkkan Munthiri Thoppukal’ […]

All Time Favorites

All Time Favorites – Kilukkam

‘Ninakku avale ishtamaano ?’ ‘Mmm’ ‘Avalko ?’ ‘Njan chodichitilla’ Kilukkam is one of the finest examples in Malayalam of how you could make a perfect commercial movie and a huge blockbuster with all the ingredients in the right proportions. It had some of Malayalam Cinema’s best comedy sequences ever all which worked purely because of […]

All Time Favorites

All Time Favorites – KIREEDAM

‘Ninte achanaada parayunne kathi thaazhe ideda’ – tells a helpless Achuthan Nair to his son, Sethumadhavan in the closing scene of Kireedam. Sethumadhavan has just stabbed and killed the criminal who ruined his life but is still in a furious mental state and pointing the knife vigorously to his father. After few seconds, he comes back to his senses, […]