Why did Mammootty rush to Rajkiran in Shylock

Why did Mammootty rush to Rajkiran in Shylock- What was the news that he wanted to immediately break to him on Feb 28th morning. Read the story through pics

Mammootty in Shylock
On Feb 28th (today) morning when Mammootty was with Baiju and Hareesh Perumanna, he gets a call. Mammootty – ” Oh is it?! I am coming there right away. Guys, let us rush to Raj Kiran’s house quickly”
Baiju – “Do you have any clue why Mammookka is running and in a hurry?”
“When Shylock released, you know they praised my energetic performance. But Rajkiran has been sad since, regretting acting in the movie.Joby George challenged the movie wouldn’t release on Prime on Feb 23rd, but it released very next day. He hasn’t been picking my calls after it”
“But my friend Raj Kiran now has been lying in bed ever since Shylock came on Prime .He has been getting calls from his friends and colleagues in Tamil industry asking why he went and acted in this movie. Today you guys see – I came to cheer him up”
“Look Rajkiran at my mobile- this news will cheer you up”
Rajkiran finally sees the pic of Big Brother arrived on Prime Video
“Now you don’t have to worry. Everyone will be behind Mohanlal and Big Brother. You can relax finally”
Baiju to Hareesh – ” Didn’t you say we can split the Amazon prime membership and share it for a year. Now you keep my half of the year and also the full membership. Nee theerneda theernu”

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